Personal & Wellbeing COaching

Supporting individual development and wellbeing through times of change


We use our deep knowledge and experience in personal development, stress management and wellbeing to support individuals at different stages in their personal and professional lives. We offer you the time and space to think about your current situation and what you want to be different. Our focus is on helping you to plan and take actionable steps to move forward.

Clients typically need our help to: 

  • Explore why they feel unfulfilled after striving so hard to reach career/ business goals 
  • Create strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm 
  • Improve self esteem and confidence after feeling low for a long period of time
  • Reconnect with personal needs and aspirations after putting others first in life
  • Deal with sense of loss and identity after leaving a successful career
  • Plan for a return to work after a long period of absence through stress, career break or illness
  • Identify and explore options for building a fulfilling future beyond full time employment
  • Seek support when contemplating big changes in their work and / or personal life

Benefits realised as reported by our clients  

  • Working with Nicola enabled me to reflect on what I truly wanted
  • Managing my diary better and avoiding over working and my health is also in a better place. 
  • As a result of the coaching I've now got a new job I'd never of even considered previously
  • On a personal level, I am more relaxed and have had more time for others.
  • Gave me the tools to successfully deal with some very difficult work situations
  • Coaching enabled me to think and put my thoughts in order about where I needed to be
  • So many insights from reviewing how I currently spend my time, and I have a realistic plan to find more balance in life
  • Nicola became a vital part of my support network when I returned to work following long term stress related illness


I felt I was provided with a great overview of what the process involved. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly and I felt confident in Nicola and her Co-Mediator to deliver. The service on the lead up to the session was great and I received feedback from participants to say they found the day beneficial. It met my expectations as the organizer.


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