Consultancy & MENTORING

Guiding delivery of meangingful change for individuals, teams and business


Our change management and mentoring practice centres around putting people and behaviour at the heart of change. We take a holistic approach to the challenges our clients face with the intention of delivering value to all;  clients, colleagues, customers and key stakeholders. We do this through providing strategic input, conducting research and sharing practical solutions and tools built on 25 years of practitioner expertise. 

We use a blend of consultancy and mentoring skills to enable clients to build the awareness, confidence and capability to move towards their desired outcomes. 

Clients typically need our help to:

  • Create the right set of conditons for people to perform well and stay well
  • Review services and working practices due to resource challenges and changing customer needs
  • Engage key stakeholders in co-creating options for change
  • Seek greater clarity on team vision and purpose 
  • Co-create plans to support transiton from the 'As Is' to the 'To Be'
  • Understand the role of behaviours in change
  • Learn from past change interventions to inform future change strategy 
  • Invest in and develop emerging talent 
  • Support HR and L&D professionals to become change partners

Benefits realised as reported by our clients

  • Engaged staff at all levels to improve services and customer experience
  • Deeper understanding of what people need from their leaders to perform well
  • Increased focus on purpose and intention in strategic communications
  • More focused teams with increased clarity of roles and key accountabilites 
  • Challenged our thinking about how behaviours impact the 'bottom line'
  • Improved relationships across our team and with other teams
  • Better understanding of how to manage stakeholder expectations based on their needs
  • Greater appreciation of stress and overload and its impact on performance and wellbeing
  • Improved services from corporate business partners in HR and L&D
  • Managers clear about the role they need to play in supporting talent and creating a more inclusive culture


 For further information on my skills, experience and training please see my professional profile


Nicola was a highly valued member of our successful bid team for this high profile local government commission. She blended very well with the team, operating very effectively in a pressured and highly dynamic environment. Nicola challenged conventional thinking and maintained a real focus on outcomes, including those required for a positive customer/end user experience. She brought a natural curiosity for continuous improvement and good practice to the team, sharing her experience from other industries. She was very pragmatic in advising on how to land new behaviours into the commission to improve the bottom line.


People Strategy Consultancy for Commercial Bid Team - Bid Director