Coaching for individuals, leaders and teams and to manage stress and wellbeing 


Our expertise is in applying well proven coaching psychology practices to deliver:

  • Skills coaching focusing on specific behaviours and impact;
  • Developmental coaching creating a reflective space to consider fundamental personal/ professional questions;
  • Performance coaching using a holistic approach to enable individuals/teams to explore what needs to change;
  • Stress and wellbeing coaching developing practical techniques to manage stress, workload, time and lifestyle;
  • Coaching in Nature combining development and wellbeing through delivery of coaching away from the office. Please visit our dedicated website 

When do you need to call us?

  • You want to develop the core skills to lead your people through change
  • You wish to support your leadership team in dealing with challenges and opportunities post COVID19
  • You have moved to a new role where influencing key stakeholders is a key skill
  • You are a senior technical specialist and are new to leading an operational team
  • Your 360 feedback suggests you need to work on your people and influencing skills
  • There are lots of 'issues' in your team and they are underperforming 
  • You want to develop your coaching and mentoring skills so you can support talent within your team
  • You never have time to think about the next steps in work or life
  • You are always worrying about work...even in your personal time
  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed most of the time

Reported Outcomes from our Clients

  • Teams have clearer vision of what needs to be achieved and how to accomplish it
  • Greater personal self awareness which results in more considered behaviours
  • Increased confidence and impact when engaging with senior stakeholders and customers
  • Courage to try new approaches that result in better feedback 
  • Found renewed purpose in life and work, and looking forward to future challenges
  • Developed a personal skills 'toolkit' for dealing with difficult situations and people
  • Greater confidence in nurturing high potential talent in the team
  • Experienced the benefits of coaching and mentoring to support leadership development
  • Developed a leadership style which blends personal and values and those of the company
  • Deeper understanding of how stress can impact on wellbeing and performance

 For more detailed information please check out my coaching profile 


I have worked with Nicola on a variety of change management projects and leadership coaching programmes over a number of years. Nicola uses her ability to quickly understand the culture of an organisation, which allows her to identify opportunities for change and to build effective relationships with key stakeholders. She is an excellent coach and strategic thinker who has a pragmatic and professional approach, and consistently delivers positive outcomes.


Change Consultancy and Leadership Coaching in Nuclear Sector – HR Director